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 Genetics of Learning and Memory

 Behaviour science

The organization of behaviour is the biological function of brains. Behaviour determines whether animals are regarded as pet or as pest, whether they transmit diseases or are benign, and whether ecologically critical roles can be played by them. In the case of humans, it is the question of whether and which of our behavioural faculties is compromised that determines whether we are, or are regarded as, healthy or sick, it is our behaviour which determines whether families, societies and markets can remain functional, and whether human life is ecologically sustainable. Therefore, understanding the principles of behavioural organization is both a timely task, and a challenging one, as brains are amongst the most complex of known organs. Therefore, study cases are needed which have both reasonably rich behavioural faculties and an experimentally tractable brain. The fruit fly Drosophila offers a fortunate compromise in this regard.

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