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 Neurochemistry & Molecular Biology

 The SynProt Project

The SynProt-Team: Prof. Dr. Eckart Gundelfinger, Dr. Rainer Pielot, Prof. Dr. Daniela Dieterich, Dr. Karl-Heinz Smalla

For a comprehensive analysis of protein networks at the synapse the entire ensemble of synaptic proteins has to be considered. To support this aim, we established a database for synaptic proteins (SynProt) based on data obtained in various studies on PSD synaptic protein preparations. Proteomics data were manually retrieved from twelve publications due to the different information formats in the scientific publications. In addition, proteins to be well-known postsynaptic proteins but not yet published in proteomics screens were included in the database as well. Using an automated retrieval script accessing Swiss-Prot, all database entries were annotated accordingly. Finally, all data sets were manually checked to eliminate any mistakes and to assign to each protein at least one functional category.The database contains currently more than 2500 non-redundant entries of rat, mouse and some human proteins.

For a simple evaluation register at www.synprot.de and test it.

Screenshot of SynProt


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