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The project is funded by the Fifth framework programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities.

Network analysis of hippocampal memory processing (NAPPY)


  • Edvard Moser (project leader) and May-Britt Moser, Dept. of Psychology, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.
  • James D. Donnett, Axona Ltd., Herts, U.K.
  • Richard Morris, Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
  • Menno P. Witter, Dept. of Anatomy, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Ole Paulsen, Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Oxford, U.K.
  • Jan Bures and Andre Fenton, Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Science, Czech Republic.

J.U Frey, Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany. (Workpackage 4: How does the hippocampus interact with the neocortex during memory processing)

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