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1. Synaptic tagging, reinforcement of plastic changes: cellular properties

  • Properties of the 'synaptic tag' [PDF 0.6 MB]
  • Genes and proteins relevant for neuronal plasticity
    1. Using molecular biological techniques [PDF 0.2 MB], genes specifically up-regulated in single slices during late-LTP were isolated and its sequence was characterised, i.e. the phosphodiesterase PDE4b.
    2. The transcription factor CREB (cAMP response element binding protein) during processes of neuronal plasticity and learning
    3. The influence of Bassoon-dysfunction during normal synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity using conventional extra- and intracellular such as patch clamp techniques.
  • Cell transfection with candidate plasticity-relevant gene constructs, neuronal plasticity and two-photon-microscopy
  • Presynaptic processes and LTP
  • Reinforcement of LTP in vivo [PDF 0.5 MB]: Mechanisms of synaptic tagging
  • Neuronal plasticity, synaptic tagging and learning [PDF 0.2 MB]
  • Natural occurring firing patterns, hippocampal place cells and induction of plastic events

2. Mechanisms of neuronal plasticity related to potential pathophysiological processes

  • Neuronal plasticity and learning in aged and aged-cognitively impaired animal

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