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2006 - IfN research on European stage
Successful participation in the FENS meeting in Vienna
IfN researchers contributed to the last week's FENS meeting in Vienna with 27 posters, two symposia and a Special lecture by Eckart Gundelfinger on the occasion of the IPSEN award ceremony. In his lecture he summarized more than 15 years of molecular synaptic research in his lab aiming at a deeper understanding of highly specialized synaptic protein complexes mediating synaptic function and plasticity. Together with the other two laureates Mary Kennedy from Caltech and Morgan Sheng from M.I.T. they drew a fascinating picture of detailed molecular mechanisms and cascades at synaptic contact sites.

Michael Kreutz organized a symposium on Molecular dynamics at the synapse, together with Maria Passafaro and Laurent Fagni, in which he gave a talk about zinc and calcium signals via caldendrin and the MAGUKs.

The symposium about extracellular matrix in synapse plasticity was organized by Constanze Seidenbecher together with Alexander Dityatev from Hamburg. In her presentation she spoke about the neural proteoglycans Neurocan and Brevican in neural development and function.

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