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2016-11-03 - Certificate for family-friendly personnel policy confirmed

Whether scientists, doctoral candidates, technical staff or administrative staff – from all of them their work takes much energy. At LIN we engage for a healthy work-life-balance of all employees and asked ourselfes: How can we create a working area that our colleagues can harmonize their working challenges and goals with their personal circumstances and family life?

Our evaluation showed: most important is flexibility, flexible working hours for example, short-term arranged home-office, parental leave to finalize the doctoral dissertation or postdoctoral thesis, but also the possibility to take the children to events from the institute like research seminars as well.

For this funding measures LIN got the certifikate for family-friendly personnel policy the first time in 2013.

After the successful re-auditorisation, on which many of our LIN-employees took part, LIN got the certificate at 31th of October 2016 for the next three years.

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