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2007-02-19 - Collaboration with Chile
Karl-Heinz Smalla gave Proteomics lectures at the Universidad de Chile
In January 2007, Dr. Karl-Heinz Smalla from the Dept. for Neurochemistry visited the Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile. He was invited by the Graduate Program to give lectures and seminars about synaptic proteins and Synaptoproteomics in Valparaiso und Santiago. The Graduate program invites foreign guest speakers to Chile to discuss science from a broad international perspective. The Leibniz Institute has long-standing and fruitful collaborations with Chile, especially with the lab of Dr. Ursula Wyneken at the Universidad de los Andes. Currently, Romina Falcon and Mauricio Sandoval are guests in the Magdeburg lab. http://ciencias.uchile.cl/web2006/ciencias/noticias_detalle.php?fecha=2007-01&codCategoria=1&codNoticia=113&imageField.x=14&imageField.y=11

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