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2011-07-14 - How does the brain pay attention to things?
Leibniz Chair awarded to Steven Hillyard
Today Professor Steven Hillyard, Distingished Professor of Neurosciences and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Neurosciences at the University of California, San Diego, received an Honorary appointment as LeibnizChair for his pioneering work and his outstanding contributions to the field of cognition, which have exceeded the traditional borders of interest of the field of neuroscience. His long-standing collaborations with researchers from the LIN and from the Otto von Guericke University were exceptionally successful and contributed to the elucidation of brain mechanisms of attention. As LeibnizChair Prof. Hillyard will spend some time of the year in Magdeburg to start research projects about auditory-visual interactions and about neural processes that enable the individual features of a visual stimulus (e.g., color, motion, and shape) to be bound together to form a unified perceptual object in the brain.

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