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2012 - Research Award 2011 to Daniela Dieterich
"Research Award for Basic Science" of the State of Saxony Anhalt goes to LIN already for 2nd time
Dr. Daniela Dieterich, head of the Emmy Noether research group Neuralomics at LIN is honored with the "Research Award for Basic Science 2011" of the State of Saxony Anhalt for her seminal work on new methods to detect plasticity-regulated protein and carbohydrate synthesis in nerve cells.

Daniela studied Biochemistry in Hannover, did her Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Michael Kreutz in the Neuroplasticity research group at LIN and a postdoc in Erin Schuman's lab at Caltech.

In 2008 she was granted a research group within the Emmy Noether program of the DFG. Recently, Daniela was offered a professorship in Pharmakology at OVGU Magdeburg.

Already 3 years ago the Research Award for Basic Science of the State of Saxony Anhalt was awarded to a LIN researcher: in 2008 Dr. Björn Schott received the Prize for his work on human motivation, learning and memory.

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