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2012 - Marie-Curie Initial Training Network ‚NPlast’ operates since January 1st 2012
4 Mio Euros for European Network of Ph.D students
On January 1st 2012 a new international Marie-Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) started that will be coordinated by LIN Magdeburg. The MC-ITN 'NPlast - A neuroscience school that aims to preserve and restore neuroplasticity in brain disorders' is funded by the European Commission in the 7th Framework program with 4 Mio Euros.

NPlast will train a total of 15 early-stage (Ph.D. students) and experienced researchers (young postdocs). The young scientists get the opportunity to join established research teams in six different European countries (eight partners from public and four partners from private sector) and to improve their research skills in the field of neuroscience. The highly multidisciplinary training program includes research in individual projects, secondments in research groups of different network partners and participation in a variety of local and network-wide workshops.

The main objective of NPlast is the elucidation of neuronal and synaptic plasticity mechanisms relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders including neurodegeneration, dementia, schizophrenia and epilepsy. NPlast aims to investigate neuroplastic principles that can preserve or restore synaptic function and that can be used to ‚rejuvenate’ the brain in the elderly as well as to treat neuropsychiatric conditions in adults. The NPlast ITN will be funded for four years.

The program was initiated by Michael R. Kreutz, Ph.D., who will also coordinate the network during the funding period. Michael is Head of the Research Group Neuroplasticity at the LIN. (For more information about NPlast see www.nplast.de)

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