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2013-01-07 - LIN at the mile of democracy
Show face for a democratic and tolerant Magdeburg on the 12th of January
This saturday, on 12th of january 2013, the meanwhile 5th mile of democracy will take place as a countermotion to the neo-Nazi march on occasion oft the severe destruction of Magdeburg in the World War II. In central Magdeburg were riged up stages and stands to prevent the Nazi demonstration in the city. Further information: www.meile-der demokratie.de We are interested in the theme of a tolerant and liberal minded city. Therefore we take part in the 5th mile of democracy an 12th of January. In common with Max Planck, University, Fraunhofer, UFZ, IFAK and Institutions of higher education we were be on site near the Allee-Center in the street „Goldschmiedebrücke“. All employees, students and friends of the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology are welcome to support us.

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