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 Cell Biology


The laboratory provides an excellent environment for cell biological, biochemical, molecular biological and neurobiological studies using state-of-the-art methods and equipment. All standard techniques, such as gelelectrophoresis of proteins and DNA, preparation and purification of proteins and DNA, PCR, Westernblotting and Southernblotting, culturing and transformation/transfections of different cells (bacteria, yeast, different mammalian cell cultures) and immunofluorescence microscopy as well as fluorimetric analyses are available in the lab. Further equipment is available and accessible in the department (e. g. 2-D gel electrophoreses, histological analyses) or in the IfN (confocal microscopy, 2-photon, electron microscopy).

Besides broad methodical training within our research team, we have excellent international, national and in-house con­tacts to well-known research groups of the fields neurobiology, membrane transport and actin cytoskeleton/cell polarity, which create a lively and productive research environment. Additionally our team members have the possibility to participate in the activities of the department (cell biology seminars, IfN-seminar series, conferences), the Graduiertenkolleg and the course of neurobiology of the medical faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg.

Interested in joining us for a practical training, a diploma or Master thesis or for a doctoral/PhD thesis? Please do not hesitate to contact us (informally) by mail, e-mail or phone. Also, please check out our job offers below.


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