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 Presynaptic Plasticity


Franziska Altmueller

Graduate Student

Investigates neuronal phenotypes in  mouse models of human RASopathies. She is PhD student in joint project cosuppervised by Denny Schanze and Martin Zenker, IHG, OVGU, Magdeburg.


Maria Andres-Alonso

Graduate Student

Got her degree in Biology at University of Navarre (Pamplona), Spain. As she always wanted to learn more about neurosciences, she moved to United Kingdom to do the MSc Neuroscience at University College London. Currently she is doing my PhD at LIN, where she studies the physiological role of amyloid-beta focusing maily on its effect at presynaptic level.


Benjamin Berinson

MD Student

Ben studies medicine at OVGU Magdeburg. In his experimental MD he is interested in the molecular mechanisms regulating recruitment of voltage gated calcium channels into release sites.


Dr. Anna Fejtová


Studied Biology at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), and obtained her PhD at the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Zurich  and Neuroscience Centre Zurich (Switzerland). She joined the laboratory of Eckart D. Gundelfinger at LIN as a postdoctoral fellow of Swiss National Foundation. In 2009 she became group leader at the Department of Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology. Since January 2013 she leads the Junior Research Group Presynaptic Plasticity at LIN.


Sandra Fienko

Graduate Student

Obtained her Bachelor degree in Medical Biotechnology in Poland and her Master of Sciences in Biomolecular Sciences in Brussels. Her Master thesis investigated the role of astrocytic β2adrenoreceptors on brain metabolism with the focus on axonal survival. Now, she is pursuing her PhD in Neurobiology at Leibnitz Institute for Neurobiology. Her work concentrates on the role of proteasomal protein degradation  in presynaptic plasticity.


Isabel Herbert

Technical Assistant


Daniela Ivanova

Graduate student

Obtained her degree in Biochemistry at University of Sofia in Bulgaria. She is investigating neuronal fucnitons of the synapto-nuclear factor CtBP1.


Janina Juhle

Technical Assistant

Studied Biotechnology at the Anhalt University of Applied Science in Köthen.

She supports our team as lab assistant. Her field of expertiese are molecular cloning, genotyping, biochemical analysis and cell culture.

Currently in maternal leave.


Dr. Yulia Klyueva


Curently in maternal leave.


Dr. Vesna Lazarevic


Studied Molecular Biology and Physiology at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. She did her PhD at the Dep. Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology at LIN, where she was interested in the the molecular mechanisms underlying remodeling of presynaptic compartment upon homeostatic adaptations to network activity silencing.  As a postdoc in the AG Chemical synapses she collaborates with our group to investigate the  physiological role of Amyloid beta and its impact on synaptic transmission.


Dr. Latha Mukunda


Latha obtained her Master of Science in Genetics at the university of Mysore, India and continued with her PhD at the MPI of Chemical Ecology in Jena.

She investigates neruonal functions of aging protein Klotho.


Eneko Pina Fernandez

Graduate Student

He obtained his Master in Neuroscience at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. Eneko investigates how presynaptic calcium channels are regulated during diferent forms of neuronal plasticity.


Santosh Pothula

Graduate Student

Obtained his MS in Pharmacology and Toxicology at NIPER, Guwahati in India.

He studies the molecular and cellular mechansisms of antidepressant action of ketamine.



Sabrina Müller

David Sanchez-Matarredona

Dang-Quynh-Hoa To


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