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Behavioral pharmacology


  • Avoidance conditioning (active, e.g. shuttle-box; passive, e.g. step-down inhibitory avoidance)
  • Operant (instrumental) conditioning
  • Discrimination learning (auditory discrimination, e.g. shuttle-box go/no go procedure; brightness discrimination)
  • Spatial learning (radial maze, Y-maze, hole board)
  • Fear conditioning (e.g. conditioned freezing, context or cue dependent)
  • Open field behavior (video technique, computer analysis)
  • Locomotor activity (home cage, novel environment)
  • Behavioral observations (e.g. grooming, rearing, etc.)
  • Stereotaxic techniques (brain electrodes and cannulae, brain microinjection, lesion)
  • EMG and EEG recording and analysis
  • Sleep recording, sleep-wake pattern evaluation
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