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 Installation of a multi-photon laserscanning microscope

In collaboration with the Department of Neurophysiology (J.U. Frey, T. Behnisch, M. Sokolov) we realized a concept for the flexible usage of a 2-photon laserscanning microscope (2P-LSM ) in different projects. The center of the 2P-LSM builds the Leica TCS MP (Fig. 1)) multispectral scanning head, which can be easily moved between two upright fixed-stage microscopes (Fig. 2) within minutes. The configuration allows a time-shared usage of the laser sources, the electronic interfaces and the scanning head at two independent electrophysiological setups. Further features of the system are the fiber coupled picosecond pulsed Titan-Saphire laser and a 'Non De-scan Detector', which provides an enhanced sensitivity during 2Photon-excitation. An additionally fiber coupled Ar/Kr laser to the scanning head allows an alternating usage of the system as traditional confocal LSM or as 2P-LSM and, hence, a direct comparison of both methodes with respect to resolution, penetration, phototoxicity and bleaching within a specimen.

Fig. 1: Leica TCS MP

Fig. 2: DM LFSA
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