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 Imaging the synaptic machinery

The spatial distribution of the postsynapse-associated protein, named ProSAP1 (proline-rich synapse-associated protein1) was determined during development of rat brains in collaboration with the Department of Neurochemistry (Böckers et al., 1999). Confocal laserscanning microscopy of hippocampal neurons showed that in early postnatal stages ProSAP1 was predominantly present in neurites and somata, whereas from postnatal day 10 onwards an accumulation of ProSAP1 at synaptic structures was found. Double and triple immunofluorescent stainings of hippocampal sections for ProSAP1 and various marker proteins for different neuronal compartments, i.e. the presynaptic cytomatrix protein Bassoon , the synaptic vesicle protein synaptophysin and the dendritic marker protein MAP2 further corroborated the primarily postsynaptic localization of ProSAP1. In the stratum lucidum of CA3 a complementary localization of Bassoon and ProSAP1 was observed at mossy fiber boutons and dendritic spines of CA3 pyramidal neurons.


T. Böckers, T. Dresbach, E.D. Gundelfinger ( Dept. Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology )

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