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 Special Labs

 Molecular Biological Techniques

Dr. Wolfgang Tischmeyer


Dr. Wolfgang Tischmeyer

Special Lab Molecular Biological Techniques
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Brenneckestraße 6
39118 Magdeburg
Phone: +49-391-6263-94291
Fax: +49-391-6263-93319

Long-term plastic changes in the brain, including those supporting memory formation, are thought to depend on the sequential induction of regulatory and subsequently late structural target proteins that contribute to permanent functional alterations in neuronal cells and, in particular, their synaptic contacts. The aim of our research is the identification and functional characterisation of protein components and regulatory mechanisms that are responsible for the molecular and cellular basis of synaptic plasticity. Utilising proteome analysis, antisense intervention, and behavioural pharmacology, the work of the Special Lab has addressed the significance of defined gene products and their posttranslational modification for activity-dependent synaptic plasticity in a number of paradigms, such as an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy, long-term potentiation and depression, and learning and memory formation.

Simplified model of the role of neuronal protein synthesis for memory formation.

Simplified model of the role of neuronal protein synthesis for memory formation. Presentation of novel stimuli during a learning experiment leads to an early induction of regulatory proteins, such as Fos and Jun family transcription factors, which in turn might initiate the expression of late effector proteins. Following maturation, posttranslational modification, and transport, these proteins potentially contribute to terminal differentiation events necessary for the formation of long-term memory. CS: conditioned stimulus; UCS: unconditioned stimulus.

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