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The WaSeP© was developed in our MRI-Laboratory for the investigation of speech and prosody perception under the special requirements of non-invasive brain imaging studies.
Subsequently, the emotional content of the standardized WaSeP©-stimuli was validated by suitable questionnaires (2, 3, 4).

In its first part, the corpus consists of two-syllable German nouns with a master morpheme in nominative singular. More than 3000 nouns were spoken by an actor and an actress in German standard pronunciation and afterwards evaluated by 36 native speakers of German with respect to the nouns? emotional connotation (positive, neutral, negative).

In its second part, the corpus contains pseudowords designed by sound permutations in the two-syllable nouns. The pseudowords are phonetically balanced and fulfill to the phonotactic and phonetic rules of German language. More than 200 pseudowords were selected from the corpus as representative sample and spoken by two professional actors (a man and a woman) in six different emotional prosodies (i.e., happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, and neutral). For the validation of the various prosodies, 74 native speakers of German were asked to rate the intended emotion of the speakers with the help of a questionnaire.

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