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In order to examine if a subject or a patient can recognize the affective expression of spoken language, a suitable test of emotional prosody perception was developed from our validated WaSeP©.

The test consists of a questionnaire and audio files, e.g. on a compact disc or memory stick, which contain the setting of the task and the stimuli. During the test, which presents four runs of 96 different pseudowords, the subjects register their estimation of emotional content of each word into a questionnaire. Again, the pseudowords were spoken by a man and a woman in six different emotional prosodies (i.e., happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, and neutral). In total the test takes about one hour.

If the patient cannot keep his/her attention up for one hour, the test can be divided in up to four separate sessions.

The test data are analyzed by an automatic microsoft excel-based macro-program.

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