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Dr. Anja Oelschlegel



Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Telefon: +49 391 6263 94371

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    Oelschlegel AM, Bhattacharjee R, Wenk P, Harit K, Rothkötter H-J, Koch SP, Boehm-Sturm P, Matuschewski K, Budinger E, Schlüter D, et al. 2024. Beyond the microcirculation: sequestration of infected red blood cells and reduced flow in large draining veins in experimental cerebral malaria. Nature Communications. 15(1):Article 2396.

    Andres-Alonso M, Borgmeyer M, Mirzapourdelavar H, Lormann J, Klein K, Schweizer M, Hoffmeister-Ullerich S, Oelschlegel AM, Dityatev A, Kreutz MR. 2023. Golgi satellites are essential for polysialylation of NCAM and expression of LTP at distal synapses. Cell Reports. 42(7):Article 112692.

    Grochowska KM, Gomes GM, Raman R, Kaushik R, Sosulina L, Kaneko H, Oelschlegel AM, Yuanxiang P, Reyes-Resina I, Bayraktar G, et al. 2023. Jacob-induced transcriptional inactivation of CREB promotes Aβ-induced synapse loss in Alzheimer's disease. The EMBO journal. 42(4):Article e112453.

    Reyes-Resina I, Samer S, Kreutz MR, Oelschlegel AM. 2021. Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Consolidation That Operate During Sleep. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 14:Article 767384.

    Goldschmidt J, Oelschlegel A. 2020. Functional Neuroimaging in Rodents Using Cerebral Blood Flow SPECT. Frontiers in Physics. 8:Article 152.

    Weidner TC, Vincenz D, Brocka M, Tegtmeier J, Oelschlegel AM, Ohl FW, Goldschmidt J, Lippert MT. 2020. Matching stimulation paradigms resolve apparent differences between optogenetic and electrical VTA stimulation. Brain Stimulation. 13(2):363-371.

    Edelmann B, Gupta N, Schnoeder TM, Oelschlegel AM, Shahzad K, Goldschmidt J, Philipsen L, Weinert S, Ghosh A, Saalfeld FC, et al. 2018. JAK2-V617F promotes venous thrombosis through β12 integrin activation. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 128(10):4359-4371.

    Henschke JU, Oelschlegel AM, Angenstein F, Ohl FW, Goldschmidt J, Kanold PO, Budinger E. 2018. Early sensory experience influences the development of multisensory thalamocortical and intracortical connections of primary sensory cortices. Brain Structure and Function. 223(3):1165-1190.

    Töpperwien M, Krenkel M, Vincenz D, Stöber F, Oelschlegel AM, Goldschmidt J, Salditt T. 2017. Three-dimensional mouse brain cytoarchitecture revealed by laboratory-based x-ray phase-contrast tomography. Scientific Reports. 7:Article 42847.

    Oelschlegel AM, Geissen M, Lenk M, Riebe R, Angermann M, Schaetzl H, Groschup MH. 2015. A bovine cell line that can be infected by natural sheep scrapie prions. PLoS ONE. 10(1):e0117154.
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