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Dr. Liudmila Sosulina


Zelluläre Neurowissenschaften

Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Telefon: +49 391 6263 93311

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    Korvasová K, Ludwig F, Kaneko H, Sosulina L, Tetzlaff T, Remy S, Mikulovic S. 2021. Locomotion induced by medial septal glutamatergic neurons is linked to intrinsically generated persistent firing. bioRxiv.

    Bertan F, Wischhof L, Sosulina L, Mittag M, Dalügge D, Fornarelli A, Gardoni F, Marcello E, Di Luca M, Fuhrmann M, et al. 2020. Loss of Ryanodine Receptor 2 impairs neuronal activity-dependent remodeling of dendritic spines and triggers compensatory neuronal hyperexcitability. Cell Death and Differentiation. 27(12):3354-3373.

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