On Wednesday, 9.6.2021, at 9:30 a.m. Alessio Attardo from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry Munich, Group Leader Dept. Stress Neurobiology and Neurogenetics, Project Group Attardo, will give a talk on the topic:


" Dynamics of hippocampal structural plasticity and learning".

(a short abstract you will find below)

via Lifesize.


Short abstract:

The ability to store and co¬nsciously recall memories is crucial to establish self-awareness and the perception of coherent reality. In mammals this ability depends on the hippocampal formation. We use deep-brain longitudinal optical imaging spanning from single spines to networks of thousands of neurons in the CA1 of live mice to track neuronal connectivity and activity. Our aim is to understand how system- and circuit-level neuronal activity is translated into neuronal cellular changes in the hippocampus and the mechanisms by which such cellular changes enable hippocampal neuronal networks to encode and recall memories. In this talk I will explore the relationship between stability of structural connectivity of single pyramidal neurons in dorsal hippocampal CA1 and the probability of these neurons to take part into engrams. I will also present data investigating the link between activity, structural plasticity and hippocampal coding in dorsal hippocampal CA1 during stress.

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