This LIN Colloquium out of turn is organized by Marina Zempeltzi and Frank Ohl. The lecture will be given at 15:00 in our Ebbinghaus Lecture Hall at LIN.

Dr. Rasa Gulbinaite, Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon (CRNL), Lyon, France


Title of her talk is „Strobe light effects on the visual brain".

Abstract: The effects of repetitive light stimulation (flicker) on perception and cognition fascinated scientists and artists for almost 200 years. Until very recently, flicker has been used mainly to “frequency tag” visual stimuli to probe sensory and cognitive processes. This frequency-tagging approach assumes no interaction between the flicker frequency and the frequencies of endogenous brain rhythms. In contrast, recent evidence suggests that repetitive light stimulation can be used to alter spontaneous brain rhythms and behavior. In this talk, I will present evidence for the effects of flicker on endogenous brain rhythms at the macro scale (human M/EEG studies) and meso-scale (optical imaging in mice).

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