From 12th to 14th of June the CNI in collaboration with Leica Microsystems organize an imaging workshop on High-speed 3D and Live Cell Microscopy with practical hands-on sessions on Leica's THUNDER technology.

THUNDER Imagers are Leica‘s new family of instruments designed to deliver benchmark applicational performance in core life science applications. The THUNDER technology uses the new Computational Clearing method to remove the out-of-focus blur that is inherent to all widefield images.

  • Brilliant results in seconds
  • Instant display of haze-free images
  • Remove out-of-focus blur effectively, even with thick 3D samples
  • No need to calibrate or adjust

The Combinatorial NeuroImaging Core Facility (CNI) at LIN-Magdeburg in collaboration with Leica Microsystems organizes this imaging workshop to give you the opportunity to become more familiar with and try out this new widefield microscope technology.

The practical hands-on sessions are limited to 4 persons per slot, please register here.

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