The next onLINe seminar will be given by Dr. Stephen Fleming, head of the MetaLab at University College London and the Max Planck-UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Aging Research in London. He is a leading expert in human metacognition.


Neural and computational architectures for human metacognition

Metacognition refers to the ability to introspect about and control other cognitive processes. In my talk I will review recent progress on how we can measure metacognition in the lab, how metacognition works, and whether metacognition is a domain-general or domain-specific resource. I argue that metacognition research holds particular promise for computational psychiatry, as it seeks to develop models of how we think and feel about our behaviour. Such models may thus provide a powerful framework for bridging the gap between behaviour and subjective experience. In a recent web-based study we found initial evidence in support of this view, showing that metacognitive aspects of perceptual decision-making track variability in psychiatric symptoms in the general population. 


For more details and the zoom meeting link, please contact Max Stenner.

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