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  • 2020 Syndapin I loss-of-function in mice leads to schizophrenia-like symptoms Cerebral Cortex

  • Pielot R 2020 Proteomic Analysis of Brain Region and Sex-Specific Synaptic Protein Expression in the Adult Mouse Brain Cells 9 1-16

  • 2020 Adreno–melatonin receptor complexes control ion homeostasis and intraocular pressure - their disruption contributes to hypertensive glaucoma British Journal of Pharmacology

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  • 2020 CtBP1-Mediated Membrane Fission Contributes to Effective Recycling of Synaptic Vesicles Cell Reports 30 7 2444-2459.e7

  • 2020 Proteomic Analysis of Brain Region and Sex-Specific Synaptic Protein Expression in the Adult Mouse Brain Cells 9 2

  • 2020 Involvement of TRPC4 and 5 Channels in Persistent Firing in Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Cells Cells 9 2

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