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  • Rihani K, Fraichard S, Chauvel I, Poirier N, Delompré T, Neiers F, Tanimura T, Ferveur J, Briand L 2019 A conserved odorant binding protein is required for essential amino acid detection in Drosophila Communications biology 2 1

  • Siegmund J, Begel A, Peitek N 2019 Summary of the Sixth Edition of the International Workshop on Eye Movements in Programming ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes 44 3 54-55

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  • Dell'Orco D, Koch K, Kreutz M, Naranjo J, Schwaller B 2019 Editorial Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 12

  • Aguinaga D, Casanovas M, Rivas-Santisteban R, Navarro G, Reyes Resina I, Franco R 2019 The sigma-1 receptor as key common factor in cocaine and food-seeking behaviors Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 63 4 R81-R92

  • Giordano M, Gallieni M, Zaed I, Samii A 2019 Use of Frameless Stereotactic Navigation System Combined with Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging and 5-Aminolevulinic Acid World Neurosurgery 131 32-37

  • Angenstein F 2019 The role of ongoing neuronal activity for baseline and stimulus-induced BOLD signals in the rat hippocampus NeuroImage 202

  • Saldeitis K, Richter K, Fischer K, Ohl F, Mateos J, Budinger E 2019 Ultrastructure of giant thalamic terminals in the auditory cortex European Journal of Neuroscience 50 9 3445-3453

  • Donohue S, Harris J, Loewe K, Hopf J, Heinze H, Woldorff M, Schoenfeld M 2019 Electroencephalography reveals a selective disruption of cognitive control processes in craving cigarette smokers European Journal of Neuroscience

  • Neumann T, Baum A, Baum U, Deike R, Feistner H, Scholz M, Robra B 2019 Assessment of the technical usability and efficacy of a new portable dry-electrode EEG recorder Clinical Neurophysiology 130 11 2076-2087

  • Arancibia D, Lira M, Cruz Y, Barrera D, Montenegro C, Godoy J, Garner C, Inestrosa N, Gundelfinger E, Zamorano P, Torres V 2019 Serine-Arginine Protein Kinase SRPK2 Modulates the Assembly of the Active Zone Scaffolding Protein CAST1/ERC2 Cells 8 11

  • Giboin L, Loewe K, Hassa T, Kramer A, Dettmers C, Spiteri S, Gruber M 2019 Cortical, subcortical and spinal neural correlates of slackline training-induced balance performance improvements NeuroImage 202

  • Seidel M, Borchardt V, Geisler D, King J, Boehm I, Pauligk S, Bernardoni F, Biemann R, Roessner V, Ehrlich S 2019 Abnormal Spontaneous Regional Brain Activity in Young Patients With Anorexia Nervosa Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 58 11 1104-1114

  • Sen Z, Colic L, Kasties V, Walter M 2019 Concepts and Dysfunctions of Emotion in Neuropsychiatric Research 1192 453-477

  • Bagherzadeh-Azbari S, Khazaie H, Zarei M, Spiegelhalder K, Leerssen J, Van Someren E, Sepehry A, Tahmasian M 2019 Neuroimaging insights into the link between depression and Insomnia Journal of Affective Disorders 258 133-143

  • Woelfer M, Li M, Colic L, Liebe T, Di X, Biswal B, Murrough J, Lessmann V, Brigadski T, Walter M 2019 Ketamine-induced changes in plasma brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels are associated with the resting-state functional connectivity of the prefrontal cortex World Journal of Biological Psychiatry

  • Leutritz A, Colic L, Borchardt V, Cheng X, Zhang B, Lison S, Frommer J, Buchheim A, Strauss B, Fonagy P, Nolte T, Walter M 2019 Attachment-specific speech patterns induce dysphoric mood changes in the listener as a function of individual differences in attachment characteristics and psychopathology Psychology and psychotherapy

  • Mancini N, Hranova S, Weber J, Weiglein A, Schleyer M, Weber D, Thum A, Gerber B 2019 Reversal learning in drosophila larvae Learning and Memory 26 11 424-435

  • Toshima N, Kantar Weigelt M, Weiglein A, Boetzl F, Gerber B 2019 An amino-acid mixture can be both rewarding and punishing to larval Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Experimental Biology 22 23

  • Scharf F 2019 Can't Ignore-Distraction by Task-Irrelevant Sounds in Early and Middle Childhood Child Development 90 6 e819-e830

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